Mandy Ellis Keller – December Member of the Month

Mandy Ellis Keller was named Member of the Month for the month of December for her hard work and dedication to producing the Interaction magazine. Get to know Mandy a little better!

What is your League placement and what is your favorite aspect of it?

Mandy Ellis Keller headshot

Mandy Ellis Keller

I am Publications Editor this year. I love communicating with other JLLR members and the community to inform them of all the awesome ways our members are impacting Little Rock.
What is your profession and how do you balance it with your League duties?
I’m a 4th-grade teacher at Pulaski Academy, which keeps me busy all by itself!  I’d have to say my Rifle Paper Company planner keeps me on track the most. It’s color-coded for work, JLLR, and personal events. I also have a very supportive husband who cooks on JLLR meeting nights…and most nights, for that matter!
What other organizations do you support and why?
As an avid reader, one of my favorite organizations is the Central Arkansas Library System. I grew up visiting the libraries and loved all of their programs and activities. As an adult, I have continued to attend their events. I’ve recently gone to a few of their lectures and plan to go to more in the future. I am also a huge proponent of public radio and support NPR and KUAR. I listen most mornings and learn something new every time!
What are some of your hobbies?
I enjoy baking and would love to take cake or cookie decorating class in the future.
What is your favorite restaurant?
I love to eat Italian at Vesuvio and burgers at Big Orange.
What is your favorite place to shop in Little Rock?
I try to shop local as much as possible. Two favorites are Eggshells and Tulips.
What’s your favorite movie/tv show?
My favorite movie, hands down, is You’ve Got Mail.  I could quote it for days! I have way too many favorite tv shows to narrow it down, but I’m really loving Victoria on PBS right now.
What’s your favorite thing about JLLR?
I have really enjoyed getting to explore my leadership potential as a part of JLLR.  I used to think that a leader was an appointed person who led in a visible way, but I’ve learned that I can lead by my attitude and commitment to JLLR and all of our causes.