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Why become a member?

Join nearly 1,000 Junior League of Little Rock (JLLR) members that collaborate to advance the wellbeing of women and families in central Arkansas.

Since our founding in 1922, the Junior League of Little Rock has trained women leaders to understand the community’s needs, envision ways to better others’ lives and bring forth change. JLLR members gain valuable skills and experiences that enable them to reach their potential as a leader in our community. You will be able to create a member experience that

  • meets your interests and needs
  • provides personal, professional, and leadership development
  • connects you with both like-minded women and other organizations committed to helping others

Any woman age 23 or older who demonstrates an interest in and commitment to voluntarism, regardless of race, religion, or national or ethnic origin may join the 2022-2023 New Member class.


  1. 2022-2023 JLLR Application

  2. Fees can be paid here

  3. Deadline is May 1st by 2:30pm.


To learn more about 2022 Recruitment, events and deadlines, click here: Recruitment 101



April 7th at 5:30pm we will hold an Open House at the JLLR Building. 401 Scott St in Downtown Little Rock. Click here

April 9th at 10am we will hold a “Stroll, Socialize and Learn About the League” at Two Rivers Bridge. Click here




Welcome back or welcome to Little Rock

If you were once a member of JLLR and want to reinstate your membership, email, and request reinstatement. If you were a member of a Junior League in another city, we welcome you as a transfer. Your transfer request must be initiated from your previous League, so please contact them directly.