Members of the Month – June, July & August

June – Kate Edwards (Headquarters Chair) 
As Headquarters Chair, Kate ensures that our beautiful 100-year-old building is ready to be enjoyed daily by JLLR Staff, members, and rental guests. In addition to tackling building issues with skills and grace during the first month of her placement, Kate passed her final AIA Certification exam. She is smart, steadfast, and a good steward of the League’s finances. Congratulations to our June Member of the Month, Kate Edwards!
July – Kayla Cook (Admissions and New Member Training Chair)
The Admissions and New Member Training Committee and Chair play a large part in setting the precedent for membership in the league. By welcoming our New Members with enthusiasm and setting the stage for a fun, informative, and engaged year, Kayla Cook, the Admissions and New Member Training Chair, has ensured that the New Member Class has had a successful start to their league experience.  Congratulations to our July Member of the Month, Kayla Cook.
August – JhanalynBlount (MemberServices Mentor and Cookbook Chair)
The August member of the month is going into her second year serving as a Member Mentor on the Member Services Committee.  She is an invested member that works diligently to ensure her mentees are informed, in good standing, and well advocated for regarding their placement options. In addition, she recently stepped up to the plate to serve as the Cookbook Chair to see the project through until it is Sunset. Congratulations to our August Member of the Month, Jhanalyn Blount.