Kristen Julia Pruss Memorial New Member of the Year – Shelley Lewis

Shelley Lewis was presented the Kristen Julia Pruss Memorial New Member of the Year award at our Annual Meeting. Marly Gammill, our 2019 – 2020 Membership Vice-President, describes her below:

This year Shelley has been kind, generous, hard working and efficient in both of her leadership roles. She is quick to volunteer and gets the job done. She communicates with the class very professionally and positively. I am so honored to serve alongside a such a great woman in our community. Shelley is a ROCKSTAR and is the Best New Member in my book.

She is a great leader and always approaches things with a positive attitude, and goes out of her way to make sure the work gets done and that everyone doing the work is being taken care of in the process. During spring project she has gone above and beyond to pick up needed items and make sure we have all the tools we need. She even supplied snacks for everyone out of her own pocket to have while working at the boys and girls club. I feel like I’ve learned from her in this process and strive to lead with the encouraging attitude she does. We were also on the same subcommittee for children’s event and she showed the same qualities. Shelley can take charge but is not afraid to let others take the reins when needed, which I think is a very important leadership quality.

She is a complete joy to work with. Her compassion for her team members is unparalleled. She effectively problem solved in the moment, provides a safe space for anyone wishing to confide in her, does not focus on negative energy surrounding tasks and helps her team move past and look at the big picture. She is one person who truly lives the values and mission statement of JLLR.