Consigner Guidelines

Guidelines and Tagging…

Women who shop Bargain Boutique are looking for name brand, quality women and children’s clothing. We all want the best, so please bring in items that you know someone else will benefit from and love to take home!

Be picky about what items you bring; our customers will be!

Presentation of your item plays a huge part in it selling! Please neatly hang your clothing as this will greatly increase the item’s chance to sell. Spending a little extra time getting your items looking great can result in cash for you!

Badly wrinkled items will be turned away at check in as well as stained, torn, and out of date items. Button all snaps and buttons…this plays an important part in the appearance of your item! Remember, the better your clothes look….the better they will sell.


We Accept These Items…

  • Children's Clothing - Sizes newborn to teens. 
    • Seasonal Clothing
    • All seasons
    • Baby equipment and furniture. 
      • Examples: strollers, beds, cribs, pack-n-plays, exersaucers, swings, high chairs, etc.
    • Baby accessories
      • Examples: baby bedding, booster chairs, bibs, bathtubs, blankets, etc.
      • Children's shoes in excellent condition; no stains or scuffs.
      • Toys, books, and DVD's for children
      • Note: All items must be thoroughly cleaned, include all pieces, and be in working condition.
    • Maternity Clothing
    • Women’s Clothing
      • Name brands sell the BEST!
    • Women’s Accessories
      • Handbags
      • Jewelry
      • Women’s NEW shoes
        • Must not have been worn!!!


We DO NOT Accept These Items…

  • Stained or torn clothing
  • Out-of-date clothing
    • Note: Any item more than two or three years old will not be accepted.
  • Stuffed animals
    • Note: Stuffed animals will only be accepted if they are electronic or new with a tag
  • Craft Show items
  • Household items
    • Examples: Lamps, pictures, rugs, bedding sets, etc. that is not children’s room décor
  • Battery operated toys without batteries
    • Note: Buyers must be assured that the item works, so batteries are required
  • Shoes that are worn looking or stained
  • Broken items or items with missing pieces
  • Used undergarments
  • Anything that cannot bring in at least $2.00
    • Note: Grouping lower quality items (such as Target and Wal-Mart t-shirts) together can help you reach this $2.00 minimum

Toys and Baby Equipment/Furniture…

  • Items must be thoroughly cleaned and have all required pieces/parts:
    • Note: Shoppers want to be assured that items are clean, all screws/bolts are included, and that the items are stable and safe for their child.
  • Battery operated toys without batteries:
    • Note: Buyers must be assured that the item works, so batteries are required.
  • Top Selling Items include:
    • Clean double strollers, quality toys, jogging strollers, car seat/stroller combos, Exersaucers, baby swings, high chairs, bouncy seats, and large outside play toys.
    • Baby Beds and Pack-n-Plays:
      • Note: These items must be completely assembled at drop off. If selling a baby bed, indicate on the card whether the mattress is included in the price. If the mattress is sold separately, it must have its own tag.
  • Videos:
    • Note: VHS tapes are not accepted. We will only accept DVD/Blue-Ray products that are in high demand, such as Disney products, Dora the Explorer, etc. Videos must be in their original packaging.
  • Items with tiny/loose pieces:
    • Note: All tiny/loose pieces should be packaged together in a zip lock bag. Attach the bag to the main item with heavy packing tape. On toys with multiple parts, consider putting masking tape tags on extra parts with your consignor ID and a "...goes with..." description. This will help re-unite parts if they become separated.
    • We do not accept Beanie Babies, Kids Meal toys, stuffed animals, etc. We do accept electronic stuffed toys such as Big Bird, Talking Elmo, etc.

Tips for First Time Consignors with Baby Items...

Most people agree that the hardest sale to get ready for is the very first sale you participate in. After your first sale, it will become easier to get ready for the next season. In the future, move the items from the closet to a hanging rod in the attic and all you will have left to do is create your barcoded tag. It will save you time if you do not take items off the hangers and box them away; this just creates more work next season. If you leave the clothing on hangers, it will not get folded, have wrinkles, nor need re-hanging. You will only need to make the tags and drop off your items! You will quickly become a “consignment pro!”

Tips for Selling Onesies:

  • Do not hang onesies on a hanger, rather safety pin 3-4 onesies together at the shoulder seams. A zip lock bag is not necessary. The customer can actually see the items better without a bag!
  • Group like sizes together. (Ex: 3 – 6 month can be grouped, but do not mix 24 month in with 3-6 month sizes)
  • Use safety pins….not straight pins to group onesies.
  • Price to sell! Packaged onesies are rather inexpensive when new so do not overprice the group. (If new price was $10…price used onesies around $2.50 - $3.00)
  • Indicate on your pricing card the number of onesies included, brand, and a description of your product. (Ex: 3 onesies, Gerber Solids in blue, yellow, white)

Group Like Items Together:

Group bibs, baby bottles, socks, similar books, onesies, and blankets together in sets. If you have a nicer blanket, it can stand alone and be sold as one item. You do not have to put everything in zip locks. It is really best if people can see each of the items without pulling them out of your Ziploc bag and separating the items. One thing that works well for bibs and onesies, is to safety pin (no straight pins) them at each of the shoulders. People can “flip” through and look at each item. Blankets will work pinned together in key locations too. These baby items will go on tables grouped together or in laundry baskets grouped by category.

Rule of Thumb for Pricing:

75% of original retail price is a perfect thinking range for pricing items. You can go up from the 75% range a bit if you know people are going to be thrilled to find this item, (perhaps it is a designer brand!). Go down if it was a child’s favorite and used a bit more than usual or if it is a low cost brand like Carters, Circo, etc. Ask yourself, “What would I pay for this if I were shopping?” Your opinion of what you would pay for this item is often the best guideline. Also, if you have several similar items that would make great play clothes but they are hardly worth $2.00 each (Ex: Target clothing), group like sized T-shirts together for one price. You will clean out faster this way but be sure that all items are in great condition.

How to Price Baby Bedding:

Pricing baby bedding can be tricky if you have a large, expensive set to sell. Of course, the lower the price, the faster items will sell. You may want to consider separately pricing some items (i.e. a matching lamp could be sold by itself). The only drawback may be that you might get one piece back in the set that did not sell. If you price the items separately, make a note on the bedding card to look for a matching lamp priced separately.

If you group bedding as a complete set: List each individual piece of bedding that you are selling together for one price. (Example: 4 piece set includes bumper pad, dust ruffle, comforter, and pillow or 8 piece set includes….). Consider putting a photo of the bedding (whether it’s the original packaging, a picture of the child’s room, a catalog picture, etc.). Put the photo on a full sheet of paper along with details to showcase the set. (EX: Purchased at Pottery Barn, pd $350 new). The full sheet is in addition to the normal barcode pricing card. This is only a suggestion and is not required. However, this will help people visualize your bedding set in their home.

Of course, no stains or holes in bedding are acceptable. Look your items over well before bringing them to check in at Bargain Boutique.


Quick Tips for Pricing and Package Shoes.

Quick Tip #1

  • Place shoes in a zip lock bag.
  • Tape your pricing tag to the inside of the bag, but try to avoid covering the shoes as much as possible.
  • Place a piece of masking tape on the bottom of each shoe with the ITEM ID. The item ID is the number below the barcode on the tag. This is very important.


Quick Tip #2

  • Punch a hole in the pricing card for your shoes.
  • Thread the shoe string of one of the shoes through your pricing tag.
  • Connect the two shoes together by tying the shoe strings, using ribbon, cable ties, or twist ties.
  • Place a piece of masking tape on the bottom of each shoe with the ITEM ID. The item ID is the number below the barcode on the tag. This is very important.
  • By following these simple steps, we will be able to help you sell your item even if the pricing tag becomes lost or separated from the shoes.


Car Seats…

  • All car-seats are inspected by before each Bargain Boutique sale. Bargain Boutique reserves the right to allow the car-seat technician to pull any items that do not meet the required safety standards and these items will not be sold.
  • DO NOT BRING any car seat that has been in a wreck or has ever been recalled
  • Car-seats absolutely cannot have missing parts
  • Car-seats cannot be more than five (5) years old
  • After five years, the straps have weakened in strength and are not guaranteed to hold up in the event of a wreck
  • Car-seats must be clean and without stains
  • No frayed straps accepted
  • Thanks for putting the safety of our children first and foremost. For Car seat Recall Information, go to: or You can also call toll free call the toll-free D.O.T. Auto Safety Hotline in Washington, D.C., 1-888-DASH-2-DOT. Or check recall information at the Dept. of Transportation at 1-800-424-9393


Women’s Clothing

  • All women's items must meet the following requirements:
    • No items with shoulder pads
    • No pant legs considered to be out of style
    • All clothing must be considered to be new/current fashion


Hanging Items…

  • Anything that can go on a hanger will sell best this way. Use only one hanger for two piece outfits. Hang the shirt first, then turn the hanger over and pin the waist of the pants to the back of the shirt at the shoulder seams. Do not pin second pieces (pants or skirts) under a jacket or shirt where they cannot be seen. Pin pants with two safety pins at the waist. One pin will go on each side of the hanger's hook. The pants can be seen fully, front and back by simply flipping the hanger over and will not constantly fall on the floor.


Determining Your Sale Price…

  • Best guideline: Think about what you would be willing to pay for the item if you were in the buyers shoes and the one considering purchasing it. If you would pay a particular price, someone else probably would, too! Ask yourself: "What would I pay for this?"
  • Also, look at the original retail price and take 75 % off. For example, if an item’s originally cost was $20, take 75% off and price the item in the range of $4.50 to $5.00.
  • If it is an item that is highly desirable like Abercrombie, Polo, Gymboree, Limited Too, etc., you can go up from the 75% off. If it is an item that is still in good shape, but from Target, Wal-Mart, etc. you might need to stay around the lower price. Keep in mind you are competing with many items of similar quality, and the best price will sell first.
  • After determining what you think is a fair price, ask yourself, "Would I pay $?? for this item?" or "Would I pay more than this?" If you would pay more, add a dollar or maybe two to the price. The people who make the most money have higher quality items priced in the ranges of $5.00 - $15.00. A few high quality items will really add up quickly! Keep in mind that your goal is to sell your items, otherwise, you will be taking it home with you at the end of this sale, so be careful to not over price.


Creating Tags…

  • Use our online barcoding system to price your items. Print the barcodes on 110# card stock and cut on the lines provided. Use a safety pin to attach the tag to garments.
  • When attaching pricing cards to garments, it goes on the left side if you are wearing it or the right side if you are looking at it.
  • A "D" printed on the card means that you will not pick up your unsold items and you wish to donate them to a local charity. You may obtain a tax letter for your donation at clothing check in.


Disclaimer on Children’s Recalled Items…

It is against the law to resell products that are on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website as having been deemed unsafe for children. To see if your product has been recalled, go to: If you have a product that has ever been recalled, it will not be accepted in the Bargain Boutique Sale.

Also, items that have high contents of lead, such as children’s jewelry, will not be accepted for consignment.  If you have an item that is on the recall list for high lead content, a manufacturing defect or safety defect, you cannot bring it or resell it. Mom to Mom…. If you as a Bargain Boutique shopper see an item that should not be on the sales floor, please alert us to pull it as we work together to keep our children as safe as possible.

Bargain Boutique will NOT accept and sell drop side cribs due to the incredible number of recalls imposed in the past year.

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